Sunday, 3 July 2016

Orange Is The New Black, S4 - Episode Ten: 'Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull'

The big story here is Aleida Diaz. 

She finally leaves prison and gets picked up by her boyfriend Cesar's OTHER girlfriend. For a hot minute I thought I was about to see the world's most uncomfortable road trip, followed by the two women finally bonding. Hahahaha. Yeah right. 

After that reunion goes nuclear, Aleida tries to go it alone but discovers all her savings have been wasted.

Sadly, while Aleida is scrabbling outside to find her footing, Dya falls in with Maria's crew. Gloria tries to help out, but Dya doesn't want another mother.

Sister Sarah Jane tries to sneak a phone to Sophia and gets found out. This leads to an interesting twist -- Caputo takes a picture and gives the mobile to Danny, who is running a website that airs MCC's dirty laundry. Turns out the warden is not that bad after all.

Among the other things that happen:

Susan makes up with her would-be girlfriend -- who then breaks up with her, just to make them 'even'. This throws Susan out of whack.

Maritza throws up the mouse Humphrey forced her to eat. A few of the guards take note of her odd behaviour, and think it might be morning sickness.

It turns out they think Humphrey might have raped Maritza. Sadly, while the guards think something might be going on AND they think Humphrey is a weirdo, they decide to do nothing. 

Taystee organises movie night -- sadly she picks The Wiz. Not only is the movie... what it is, the white power mob try to start a race riot.

The episode ends bitter-sweet. Thankfully Aleida and Cesar's ex end up getting back onside. 

On the other hand, the guard's body is found when the work crew dig up the garden.

Best zinger: "Men are stupid. And their peckers all got ADD" -- Aleida

Flashback: None again -- instead we get Aleida on the outside. These cutaway scenes are quite tense, as Aleida tries to re-aquaint herself with the outside world. The writers throw in a series of red herrings to make it feel like every time she makes a mistake or acts out, Aleida will be heading back to Litchfield.

Final thoughts: Once again the lack of flashbacks pays dividends. A lot of stories and characters are brought together in interesting configurations, and we get a nice arc for Aleida. 

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