Sunday, 3 July 2016

Orange Is The New Black, S4 - Episode Eleven: 'People Persons'

 The discovery of the guard's body throws everything into the shit. This is where Caputo's absence from Litchfield is really starting to cause problems.

Piscetella takes the discovery of the body as an excuse to take his Judge Dredd tactics to the extreme -- interrogation; sleep deprivation. 

Meanwhile, Healey realises that Lolly was telling the truth. In a daze, he leaves Litchfield. 

Judy, Yoga (Constance Shulman) and Luschek take drugs and share their insecurities --  cue the world's most disturbing three-way.

With the prison in lockdown, and no one overseeing his behaviour, Humphrey (Michael Torpey) is really revealing his sadistic side here. Torpey is really terrific in the role -- he manages to be completely unassuming and sound completely reasonable.

God, I want to punch him in the face
He has Susan and her ex-girlfriend Maureen fight for the guards' entertainment.

Enraged by her would-be girlfriend's insults, Susan flies into a rage and beats her to a pulp.

Healey tries to drown himself in the lake, but is called back to reality by the ringing of his cellphone.

Alex tries to give herself up but Healey has already told Piscetella what Lolly has done. As the episode ends, Lolly is dragged into the psych ward.

Best Zinger: "Are you kidding me? ... I killed a cop with his own gun! Wait... did I get caught for that?" -- Freida (after not being picked for questioning)

Flashback: Susan. Haven't had one from her for awhile. 

We start with Susan at her job: a greeter at a big, Costco-like store. While she is as manic as ever, she gets 'Employee of the Month'. 

Despite her moves into adulthood, Susan is still pre-adolescent: she lives with her sister and her boyfriend, and still enjoys toys and games.

Trouble ensues when her sister wants to go away for the weekend.

A bit lost, she finds one of the kids she knows from the store she works at, and invites him home to keep her company for the weekend.

The kid wants to go home.

It doesn't end well.
Final thoughts: With only two more episodes to go, this season has taken a deep dive into pitch black nihilism. Dark and depressing, this is one of the strongest episodes of the seasons -- and the series as a whole.

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