Sunday, 3 July 2016

Orange Is The New Black, S4 - Episode Nine: 'Turn Table Turn'

A lot of stuff happened in this episode. Cue bullet points!
  • Morello's paranoia is really going full-force -- she's starting to think her sister is having an affair with Vinny 
  •  Feeling the heat from the guards, Maritza tries to throw a spanner in the works of Maria's business by dobbing in her simple cousin Alonzo.
  • Sister Sarah Jane Ingalls (Beth Fowler) is trying to get thrown in the Shoe to find out what happened to Sophia, but this coincides with 
  • Piper wants a burger
  • Cindy and Judy have to keep up the charade that they're lovers
  • Red tries to deal with Nicky's drug relapse
As far as the main plot, the focus is on Blanca. 

She comes up with a plan to stop the guards' frisk-and-searches -- using bad tuna and other scents to put them off.

Sadly, the COs figure out what is going on and force Blanca to stand on one of the cafeteria tables.

Best zinger: "In this case I'm the sexy arm candy and she's the ageing playboy" -- Cindy

Flashback: Blanca! Laura Gomez must be so happy to have an episode where she doesn't have to look like Reagan from The Exorcist.

She works as home help for an elderly woman who is extremely controlling and pedantic. Life is made easier when Blanca meets a handsome gardener, Diablo.

In petty retaliation, the elderly woman fires Diablo. 

This leads to one of the best scenes in the season. Blanca gets her own back by having extremely loud sex with Diablo in the old woman's bedroom while she watches in horror.

Final thoughts: Overall, this is a fun episode made more so by the focus on Blanca.

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