Wednesday, 23 March 2016

BITE-SIZED REVIEW: Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

This movie is genius. Bloody genius.

Starring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil might be the smartest horror comedy to come along in recent years. I'd even put it a few notches above Cabin in the Woods.

Inverting the traditional 'teens go to the woods and get preyed upon by inbred hillbillies', this movie puts the hillbillies front and centre.

Through an unfortunate chain of events, Tucker (Tyduk) and Dale (Labine) get mistaken for backwoods psychos by a group of hard-partying teens.

As the moronic teens stumble to their own demise, Tucker and Dale are left to try and clean up the mess and ward off increasingly skeptical law enforcement.

Co-starring Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil's humour is pitch black but leavened by the warm, sympathetic performances from its leads.

An overlooked gem. Boot that po-mo Whedon nonsense to the curb, and check this little beauty out.

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