Tuesday, 22 March 2016

BITE-SIZED REVIEW: The Final Girls (2015)

Starring a variety of your favourite TV stars, The Final Girls came as a real surprise.

I had not heard of it until early this year, and that was based on Alia Shawkat being part of the cast. She plays Gertie, the sardonic best friend of main character Max (Taissa Farmiga, American Horror Story).

Max is still dealing with the death of her mother Amanda (Malin Akerman). Gertie's brother Duncan (Thomas Middleditch, Silicon Valley) forces the pair to go to a revival screening of her mother's biggest film, the 80s slasher classic Camp Bloodbath. Midway through the screening, Max and her friends find themselves transported into the movie. While the group has to contend with Billy Murphy, the film's antagonist, Max is forced to deal with the character played by her mother, Nancy.

This is a short, sweet genre hybrid. It has a great cast, plenty of laughs, a strong script filled with clever ideas and a surprisingly strong emotional spine in the relationship between Max and Nancy.

This is one slasher movie where I would actually look forward to a sequel.

P.S. Maeby is Funke-ing awesome in this movie.

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