Friday, 6 July 2018


We finally have a release date for the podcast: on July 28, the James Bond Cocktail Hour will go live with FIVE episodes.

Episode One features  reviews of the book and movie that started it all: Ian Fleming's Casino Royale from 1953 and 1962's Dr No, starring Sean Connery.

The second episode is a review of 1983's Octopussy, starring everybody's favourite eyebrow, Roger Moore!

Then we go back to the origins of that movie with 1966's short story collection Octopussy & The Living Daylights.

The next episode is a double review of 2015's Spectre (starring Daniel Craig) & the 1987 novel No Deals, Mr Bond, written by John Gardener, the most prolific author of James Bond novels. 

The last episode of this batch will be a review of 2011's Carte Blanche, a one-off Bond adventure by American thriller author Jeffrey Deaver.

On 3 August, you will be getting introductions to two cinematic Bonds, starting with Pierce Brosnan in 1999's The World Is Not Enough, and Timothy Dalton in 1989's License to Kill! 

On 10 August, you shall be getting two book reviews: Kingsley Amis's Colonel Sun and Raymond Benson's  Zero Minus Ten.

On 17 August, we will be going into outer space with Roger Moore in 1979's MoonrakerThis episode will be paired with our first supplemental episode, in which Hugh unveils his theory about the Bond franchise.

On 24 August, we shall conclude this onslaught with a final pair of episodes: a supplemental episode covering the 2012 documentary Everything Or Nothing about the history of James Bond, and the debut of another recurring special, our first  'Rogue Review' of non-Bond spy action: Mission: Impossible 6, starring Tom Cruise.
After that you can expect new episodes on the third Friday of every month, starting on 22 September, until the end of the year.

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