Thursday, 28 June 2018

IN THEATRES: The Incredibles 2

After defeating the Underminer, the Parr family are given an opportunity that could help pave the way for changing the laws that keep supers in the shadows...

This movie is really good: the story works fine, the action sequences are inventive and the comedy - especially a battle between Jack Jack and a raccoon is one of the funniest things I'll see this year. Brad Bird has a terrific facility for creating stories that combine the elasticity of a cartoon with the emotional resonance of great drama.
This movie is really good, and I have nothing interesting to say about it.

When I started doing reviews of new releases last year, I thought it would be a fun diversion - but after watching a lot of movies - some good, some bad, and some that leave no impression either way, I've decided to put a pin in this section of the blog.

That does not mean I will stop reviewing new movies - it just means there will be fewer of these reviews, and the ones I do write will be about movies that really get my mental gears going, which will hopefully make them more interesting to read. 

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