Thursday, 19 January 2017

THE LEVEL Episode Three review

This review contains spoilers.

Holy shit, what a great twist. The police have analysed the DNA from the bullet that hit Nancy, and found that half of it matched the dead man. Nancy is Frank's daughter! What makes it worse/better is watching that info hit her like a ton of bricks right in the middle of the police briefing. Brilliant.

Episode Three really cements why I love British and European TV dramas -- instead of dragging the story out for 18 or 22 episodes, we get six tight succinct episodes.

Speaking of which, before we get too far into the story, I feel pretty secure in who I think the killer is: I think it's nice guy Darryl (Lorne MacFayden). Frank's man Friday has popped up in previous episodes, and he seems pretty insulated to the family's shenanigans (pretty literal in Hayley's case). What makes me suspicious is that in the first episode, he was the subject of several extended cutaway shots in which he wasn't really a part of whatever scene was taking place. He had no dialogue, but the emphasis on the (then) nameless) character made me think the filmmakers were trying to pull a reveal ala the cook in The Hunt for the Red October.

  Frank's will has opened another potential can of worms, as Cherie finds herself at loggerheads with her son Tate (Cian Binchy) over the future of the trucking business. Usually characters with disabilities are either red herrings or the focus of saccharine subplots -- it looks like there might be something more interesting going on with Tate -- it will be interesting to see just how far Cherie is willing to go to cover up her husband's secrets.

Overall, a terrific episode that ends in a wonderfully nasty double-blind as Nancy realises someone close to her is not on The Level.

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