Monday, 12 September 2016

STATHAM HITS: Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)

Does this even count as a movie?

Crank High Voltage is the kind of movie that makes you laugh and question your sanity/morality/everything. Everything is pushed to the most deplorable extreme. Plot, character and sheer human decency get stuffed in a bunker with a frag grenade and blown up. Crank High Voltage  takes the template its predecessor established and blows it up.

This movie takes aim at every issue you can think of -- racism, sexism, the rights of porn stars -- and turns them inside out. You want David Carradine in yellow face as an Asian crime boss? You got it. A Godzilla-esque fight between a paper-mache Jason Statham and some nameless goon? We have that too. On top of that, you also get more public sex, horse nudity, a porn star strike, a talking decapitated head and scenes featuring Bai Ling.

This movie is not to everybody's tastes, including the half of my brain that I don't listen to. Every signpost of good taste gets uprooted and used as a bat to knock down road cones. This movie is MAD.

The most insane movie Jason Statham has ever been a part of, Crank: High Voltage just is. See it and laugh/hurl.

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